Lombardini has three keywords for success – innovation, versatility and flexibility. Lombardini opened its R&D Centre in 1981- a place which would become the creative heart of the company, that after 30 years it is still the Lab of design and development products.

Our team is composed by 90 carefully selected professionists, selected upon experience, skills and passion to keep pace with an ever-more competitive world. Workflow is perfectly synchronized: our application software elaborates specifications and calculations, coordinating activities with outside research centres and applications check services.

Their work is realised by 20 engine development, 10 engine-life, 2 diesel emissions, 2 petrol emissions and various test and lab benches, up to the dust chamber for filter testing.

Training researchers, designers and test engineers is based on the idea that it is necessary to have knowledge at every stage, before, during and after the engine is conceived. All in order to keep them at the cutting edge.