Two fundamental steps endorse the importance the company gives to quality, a term which for Lombardini does not just mean following protocols and regulations, but above all to invest in reseach, development and security. This resulted in the company’s quality system certifications to both ISO 9001 in 1995, and QS-9000 in 2002 for automotive industry.

These were two steps on a pathway of improvements, towards the attainment of excellence, a goal which is constantly moving ahead, asking for constant investments in human resources, technology and business management to meet market expectations.

Every detail reflects high quality, because the whole is made of all perfect parts. Lombardini developed furthermore a series of projects to reduce environmental impact, as indicated in the company and Kohler Group guidelines. The objective is to reach zero net levels by 2035 (NetZero 2035), such as reaching three precise goals: PEOPLE, PLANET and PROFIT. Net Zero means total eco-compatibility, eliminating greenhouse gases, solid refuse, noise pollution and investing in cutting-edge green technologies.

The market, which in the 1980s feared the consequences of restrictions, has now understood how we can help the environment. Lombardini 12 technicians work hard on these issues and over the last three years the group invested more than 2 millions euros in equipment and laboratory systems: most of Lombardini engines are certified to comply with both European and American anti-pollution regulations. As far as the American standards are concerned, we meet not only the general federal EPA requirements, but also the specific (CARB) standards imposed by California.