We like the remark “The early bird gets the worm”. We believe in corporate training, in learning and in the possibility to increase a sense of belonging by supporting knowledge and understanding. Kohler Learning Academy is a world well known training school which every year draws thousands of applications.

The flagship of Lombardini training is ‘Lombardini Master’, whose main objective is young leaders education to become excellent managers. The programme is based on interdisciplinary and pragmatic approach, aimed to develop trainees attitude towards collaboration, in improving their talents and relational abilities. Another important learning area is the Technical School, an example of excellence recognized by all participants, whose aim is to spread product knowledge to the sales and service network. All these tools supply Kohler/Lombardini group with the same philosophy, which stands for a common language and approach. A goal that guides our professional development choices, both intside and outside the enterprise to keep improving and never stop. Together.