Change, progress, invention, development, news. There can be a lot of definitions but only companies able to innovate can be competitive and excel on competitors. KOHLER Engines has ambitions and resources to become a main global player in the world of diesel engines. A world with a cut-throat competition and where new market shares can be conquered only by improving or innovating strategic processes such as acquiring new customers, developing new products, working on operations and customer support.

For this reason we have decided to launch a new initiative, “INNOVATION PARTY”.
Cycle of seminars held by professionals will help us understand how and when innovation is realized, giving food for thought on new technologies and calling to action all of us.

In the second step of “INNOVATION PARTY”, all the employees will have the chance to actively participate to the project with proposals, hints and ideas that could become reality!

We are the main source of change: Innovation begins from small actions we decide to do in order to improve products and services’ quality that we provide to our customers.